Walking in morning`s first light

Date Published 06 December 2017

There is no better way to start the day than with a good brisk walk. I like to get up early to exercise and make the most of my mornings as it helps me to prepare to tackle my day ahead. The energy boost I get from walking on the beach with my dog is part of my regular exercise to keep body, soul and mind fit and healthy.

It is also a time where I practice gratitude and appreciate the beautiful skies and sunrises – Jersey is a wonderful place to live with the most spectacular beaches. Breathing in the fresh sea air, whilst watching nature at its best, is something I relish each day.

A good bout of exercising in the morning encourages the body to burn fat, stimulates the senses, gets the melatonin turned down and the cortisol turned up – I am ready to go, and I feel strong and healthy. And I get to spend time with our much-loved four-legged family dog Muffin, who is so much fun that I return home in a good and light mood.

It is easy to get out of the habit but I find keeping to a routine so beneficial. We lead such busy lives that exercise can be overlooked, but it should be a daily priority and I try to stick to it as it keeps me on track. And once you've got it over and done with, you can crack on with everything else.