Curb Appeal – which door would you prefer to go through?

Date Published 06 December 2017

Transformation need not come at a cost if carefully thought through from the beginning. I was involved in a project this year in the UK on a ‘very tight budget'. A bit of thought and time can make all the difference to your property, whether renting or selling, it has to appeal from the start.
Did you know that our minds are made up within the first 15 seconds of seeing a property? First impressions count more than you realise.
What we did:
1. Cleaned up the entrance
2. Removed the paving slabs
3. Simple property maintenance - brushing the moss from the porch roof and removing grass and weeds from gutters
4. For a more modern uplift, the dark brown stained timber was simply painted in black stain, the drab brown gutters and downpipes changed for black, fascias in white – look how much sharper and modern the end result is!
5. Look at the front door, the subtle change from grubby white to a grey/green is so much more inviting and the door looks like new
6. Final touch, welcoming pots of plants on offer from the local D.I.Y store
Clearing, cleaning and careful use of some paint colour is all that it takes to transform this rather drab run down home into a welcoming place you would want to live in.